Indian state of Himachal Pradesh

kiing is the popular adventure sports and Yak Safari is the most exciting of all adventure activities in Spiti. You can hire the Yak to see the flora and fauna of trans-Himalayan desert and horse safaris are also conducted in this area. the Valley of Spiti is also known for its wealth of flora and the profusion of wild flowers. There are more than 62 species of medicinal plants found here, Animals such as yaks and dzos roam across the wild Lingti plains.

The natural scenery and Buddhist monasteries and Buddhist Mummy of a Monk in Gue around 550 years old and Chandra Taal Lake are the main tourist attractions. Tabo Monastery, located 45 km from Kaza. This monastery rose to prominence when it celebrated its thousandth year of existence in 1996. It houses a collection of Buddhist scriptures, Buddhist statues and Thangkas. The ancient gompa is finished with mud plaster, and contains several scriptures and documents.

For trekkers, the Spiti Valley is a paradise, offering challenging treks to explore the new heights of the Himalayas is for sale